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A new national conversation is just beginning. There is a fear that without a nationwide set of shared values – a baseline for discourse and change – we will only see the divide and partisanship in America deepen.

With our film, we cut below the politics and the news. With 100+ hours of unique footage, we found the common ground that can be the foundation for coming together.

What is the film about?

Our film is about the social and political gaps in America and is part of a nationwide project to explore and reverse the trends of division. We set out to understand the fears of a dying American dream along with wavering American values.

From the coast to the heart of the nation, we found stories that will inspire you, make you cry, think, engage and review what it means to be American in a time when many on both sides are trying to reclaim their identity. After amassing over 100+ hours of unique footage of Americans of all backgrounds, we found that despite shared American values – equality, equal access to opportunity, freedom of speech, etc. – average citizens are abandoning each other.

With much of the national conversation centered around making America great again – we began by asking what made America “great” in the first place?

The answers we uncovered were remarkable and revealing.

We discovered fears of a dying American Dream stretching across the Rustbelt, technology dividing once thriving communities and a disenfranchised people who longer connect with the phrase “my fellow American.”

How does this film make an impact?

“When society loses a healthy founding myth, it descends into chaos,” writes Antonio García Martínez, author of Chaos Monkeys. This is where the problem really begins.

Countries can only function when they have a shared set of values. 

Think “deplorables” and “bad hombres” as descriptions used by American leaders to describe Americans. Our future as a nation is in peril if this trend of division continues and if we see our fellow Americans as enemies rather than simply as political opponents.

We will bring meaning back to the idea of “fellow American.” 

By getting to the bottom of what Americans believe makes the country great, we have identified common bonds shared by people from across the political spectrum and will highlight them as starting points for solutions. We will put a human face on these issues and we will expand civil consideration beyond peoples’ immediate surroundings, political bubbles and personal needs to include concern for the “other’s” success.

The tides begin to change when we begin to fight again for the common good.

When should I join?

The earlier the better! Our independent project will be the foundation of a new movement to bring Americans together and we need you to be one of the first to join. As we gain momentum, the people we bring together can begin to work on more initiatives to repair the American identity. And we will be right there with you, working to help bring this country back together.

This is a film by the American people and for the American people. We’re not a special interest group and we’re not corporate-funded. Your investment helps us build a more powerful and further reaching message that will begin a crucial conversation about uniting Americans again in a common purpose.

If you want to help begin the process of reducing hyper-partisanship in our communities, solving gridlock in Washington and propelling positive discussions and actions about our collective American future, you have come to the right place.

Other things to consider:

Our goal is to debut at Sundance 2018.

  • Due to our access to a nationwide network we have built throughout our project and before, our film and message will reach people from all walks of life.
  • In addition to the interviews of our subjects across the Rustbelt, we are filming experts who provide practical solutions for the future to bring America back together again.
  • We do not have a political agenda. Our role as that of a common citizen. We are not left nor right; we are Americans. Our film will be unbiased and will be based strictly on what we uncover and the facts.