About Us

Our goal is to bring America back together. We set out in our project to preserve two ideas that we believe are at the core of what makes the United States great: the American Dream and the American Spirit.

We are an independent group of political scientists, activists, Hollywood film professionals, experts and ordinary Americans. The team naturally formed around the shared goal to explore the depths of the divides in America by getting to the roots and getting to know the people on the ground from the coast to the heart of the country. 

From the initial conference calls scheduled over a half dozen time zones to a months-long road trip from New York to Detroit with a camera to discovering an incredible story of a disenfranchised nation to meetings with national leaders about the project’s potential, we have been on a journey that’s only just beginning.

We hope that you’ll join us and follow along as we set our sights on Sundance 2018 and beyond.

Who Are We

  • Guy Seemann – Creator and Producer
  • James Kicklighter – Co-Creator and Director
  • Jonathan Pope – Director of Photography
  • Adam Engel – Associate Producer
  • Liran Kapoano – Associate Producer

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